Amika Mota | Executive Director (she/her)

Amika began organizing for reproductive justice and young mothers’ rights over 20 years ago, as a teen mother and midwife. Her passion for criminal justice reform and abolition is rooted in her own experience. She began advocating for women in prison during her incarceration, where she worked as a jailhouse lawyer, paralegal, firefighter, and mentor to many young folks on the yard. She was the Policy Director for Young Women’s Freedom Center where she led the ACA 3 campaign to end involuntary servitude in California. She also led successful legislative campaigns to end racist gang enhancements and a law supporting survivors of violence by requiring judges to consider a person’s survivor and trauma history in charging, sentencing and resentencing decisions, among other policy wins.

As executive director, and in partnership with the active chapters that make up the Sister Warriors Freedom Coalition, Amika spearheads policy and electoral strategies to shift power and lead local and statewide systems and policy changes.