Sister Warrior Spotlight: Eboney Ellis

This month, we’re giving flowers to Eboney Ellis, Parent Navigator at our sister organization Beloved Community Housing which seeks to interrupt cycles of poverty, incarceration, and houselessness by supporting and resourcing young people and families with community-based alternatives. Eboney’s lived experience as a formerly incarcerated mother grants her the expertise to help families access services and supports consistent with their individual needs, with dignity and respect.

Eboney strives to dismantle the systems of harm by identifying the immediate and long-term needs of systems-impacted families and developing options to meet those needs. She serves as a source of hope and inspiration for folks navigating similar situations, aiming to provide the care she never had.

You’re a co-founder of Sister Warriors. How did you first get involved? How has the work evolved since you first started?
I got introduced to the work by my best friend April Grayson. She is amazing in the work, and I have been privileged to be able to shadow her. The work has changed since I first started because now I’m the one doing the change.

You’re doing some incredible work with Beloved to support the self-determination of young folks and their families who have been impacted by the criminal justice system. What makes Beloved different from other housing organizations? 
Beloved is different because we don't just place folks and done. We stay with our people for three years building out their self-determination so that they can take care of and maintain their lives. We pour into their leadership.

What societal changes do you see as the most important in combatting housing insecurity? 
The cost of living to minimum wage ratio in California.

What are the projects or initiatives that you’re most excited about now?
AB 2740 always fighting for incarcerated babies!

What is your advice to activists about how they can continue the work over the long term? 
Always lead with your heart. Take care of yourself first so you can take care of other people.