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Sister Warrior Spotlight: Eboney Ellis

Posted by · April 29, 2024 2:25 PM

This month, we’re giving flowers to Eboney Ellis, Parent Navigator at our sister organization Beloved Community Housing which seeks to interrupt cycles of poverty, incarceration, and houselessness by supporting and resourcing young people and families with community-based alternatives. Eboney’s lived experience as a formerly incarcerated mother grants her the expertise to help families access services and supports consistent with their individual needs, with dignity and respect.

Eboney strives to dismantle the systems of harm by identifying the immediate and long-term needs of systems-impacted families and developing options to meet those needs. She serves as a source of hope and inspiration for folks navigating similar situations, aiming to provide the care she never had.

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Sister Warrior Spotlight: Betty McKay

Posted by · March 26, 2024 5:45 PM

In honor of the fourth anniversary of Freedom 2030, we’re celebrating one of our “O.G.” Sister Warriors, Betty McKay. As a formerly incarcerated individual, Betty has a profound understanding of the challenges folks face inside and upon returning home – and she has dedicated her life to improving the circumstances of systems-impacted people.

Right now, in addition to serving as Essie Justice’s Membership Growth & Wellness Coordinator, Betty advocates for policy reform and for incarcerated Black mothers. She is fundraising to establish a podcast broadcasting studio at California Institute for Women — facilities which are already available at some men’s prisons. Women who participate in the podcast broadcasting program will acquire technical skills and knowledge that can be useful for finding work after their release. We are proud of Betty’s work, and we are grateful for dedication to being a Sister Warrior!

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REPORT: CA Women’s Prisons — Sexual Abuse Response and Prevention Working Group

Posted by · March 07, 2024 6:00 AM


In response to ongoing reports of sexual abuse by prison staff, the Solidarity Committee for Incarcerated Survivors was formed in December 2022 by Sister Warriors Freedom Coalition, California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Survived & Punished CA, and UnCommon Law. Following lawsuits, media coverage, and a briefing at the State Capitol about this abuse, the California Budget Act of 2023 created the opportunity for advocates to form a response and prevention working group to address this rampant sexual violence. Additional partners in the working group include Just Detention International, Justice First, and VALOR, with staff from the CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation providing feedback.

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Sister Warrior Spotlight: Ursula Gomez

Posted by · February 23, 2024 12:15 PM

As the largest coalition of formerly and currently incarcerated and systems-impacted women and trans people of all genders, we know that the only way to create a more just and equitable society is by centering people whose expertise comes from their lived experience. Only we, who have been impacted by systems, understand what is needed to change them and what is best for our communities.


We’re shining the spotlight on sister warrior Ursula Gomez who is currently incarcerated at Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) - not only because she’s an outstanding activist and friend - but also because, as an immigrant survivor of abuse, she needs our support to secure her freedom, right now. When she was only 19 years old, Ursula entered an abusive relationship with a man ten years her senior, who was involved with drugs and gangs. Devastatingly, this led to her being present while he committed a crime, and Ursula was held responsible in court. This draconian sentencing would not have been possible had this happened today. Her inspirational story of resilience and rehabilitation deserves to be shared.

We hope that her interview will inspire you to take action – call and email Governor Newsom to demand Ursula’s pardon, as an immigrant survivor of sexual and domestic violence.

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Sister Warrior Spotlight: Lizet Alvarez

Posted by · January 24, 2024 10:13 PM

We’re continuing our celebration of Sister Warriors whose dedication and awareness inspire us towards our vision of liberation, Freedom 2030. When we build our movements across generations, we create collective, generational wealth.

This month, we’re giving flowers to Lizet Alvarez, an up-and-coming activist whose tenacity, vision, and organizational skills are already shaking up her local political scene. Lizet, with her Sister Warriors kin, addressed Tehachapi City Council about poverty and lack of opportunity in their town – a move which earned them a write-up in Tehachapi News. Most recently, Lizet attended the California State Assembly’s first Public Safety Committee hearing of the legislative season. While in the capitol, she and other young Sister Warriors from Tehachapi spoke with state legislators about their concerns of the present and dreams for the future.

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Sister Warrior of the Month: Brooke Ervin

Posted by · November 28, 2023 8:26 PM

As the largest member-led organization of formerly incarcerated and systems-involved survivors, what makes Sister Warriors special is all the incredible people who devote their time and energy toward building a society based on equity, transformative justice, the recognition of full human rights, and the protection of and access to basic needs for all. We want to celebrate the people who inspire us and give them their flowers, so we’ll be highlighting a different Sister Warrior every month.

This month, we’re shouting out Brooke Ervin, a co-founding member and one of our very first ambassadors. Brooke is a thoughtful, kind, and hard-working person whose understanding of injustice within the prison industrial complex runs deep. When speaking with her, her passion and empathy shines through. We are honored to work alongside Brooke in the fight for our collective freedom.

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