Sister Warrior Spotlight: Lizet Alvarez

We’re continuing our celebration of Sister Warriors whose dedication and awareness inspire us towards our vision of liberation, Freedom 2030. When we build our movements across generations, we create collective, generational wealth.

This month, we’re giving flowers to Lizet Alvarez, an up-and-coming activist whose tenacity, vision, and organizational skills are already shaking up her local political scene. Lizet, with her Sister Warriors kin, addressed Tehachapi City Council about poverty and lack of opportunity in their town – a move which earned them a write-up in Tehachapi News. Most recently, Lizet attended the California State Assembly’s first Public Safety Committee hearing of the legislative season. While in the capitol, she and other young Sister Warriors from Tehachapi spoke with state legislators about their concerns of the present and dreams for the future.

What inspired you to get involved with Sister Warriors?
Sister Warrior inspired me because of today's world. There’s so much I see through my eyes that needs to be changed. I want to be part of change in the world, where we can spread more love and less hate.

What are you working on right now with the other Sister Warriors in Tehachapi?
My sisters and I are working on meeting with the chief of police out here in Tehachapi to try give him a run down of what the community suffers with and how we could take action to benefit the future of Tehachapi.

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing your community? What advice would you give your local legislators about how to fix it
The biggest problem we have in Tehachapi is lack of opportunity. Living out here they don’t offer you much when it comes to economic opportunity which leads to crimes. I would tell my legislators to be open for more opportunities in our town and how it can be a positive outcome for Tehachapi.

What are your hopes and dreams for our society/world?
My hopes and dreams for today's society is for all to be equal. A world where judgment isn’t as big as today's world, or a world that doesn’t give power to the wrong people so hatred isn’t as strong as today. 

What advice would you give to aspiring Sister Warriors who haven’t quite taken the jump into activism or organizing yet?
If you want better for the things around you jump in and change it ! People are scared of change but change can have a beautiful outcome. Growth is never something to be scared of let that inspire you to become  who you are and the community you want to build around you.

Is there anything like a brand, song, podcast, tv show, or influencer that you’d recommend to other Sister Warriors?
A song I’ll recommend is Changes by 2Pac. The reasoning behind this is because I feel 2 pac was one of the few rappers who talked about oppression and police brutality and got hate for it but didn’t shut him down or stop him from making songs that's today's truth to the world. 2Pac is a powerful rapper in my eyes.